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Alopecia Genetic Testing – DNA Test

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Alopecia Genetic Testing – DNA Test 

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss. It affects both sexes equally regardless of age and needs immediate treatment to prevent its spread. It is an evolutionary phenomenon and therefore an appropriate treatment should be found in time in order to restore hair density.

What is the DNA Test?

The DNA Test is a genetic test that analyses 48 genetic variants in 13 genes associated with hair loss. According to the patient’s DNA, the active substances that are most effective in treating hair loss are accurately detected. Essentially, it does not show us the course of thinning but how to treat it successfully.

How is the DNA Test performed?

Gene testing is performed by collecting saliva from inside the mouth and takes a few seconds. The basic requirement is that the patient must not have eaten anything for at least one hour before the sample is collected. The patient’s medical history is then taken and after 2-3 weeks the results of the test are published.

What are the advantages of genetic testing?

The DNA Test offers a targeted and personalized treatment. The patient is able to know which active substances are most effective for their case and avoids the use of ineffective treatments. In addition, the genetic test suggests a specific dosage to the patient for a certain period of time. It is performed once, it is reliable, non-invasive and its effectiveness in genetic testing reaches 99.9 %.

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