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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is the only solution for the complete restoration of the image of your eyebrows. Eyebrows play a key role in the image of our face, as they enhance our look and give a strong expression to our face.

Nowadays, women and some men are asking for thicker eyebrows. Eyebrow thickening varies from cases with sparse eyebrows to thinning and thinning caused by hair removal. The modern FUE method promises to offer you rich and natural eyebrows without the need of pencils and permanent tattoos. The FUE method has been used successfully in hair transplants and is now used with the same positive effects in eyebrow transplants.



Reasons to get eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplantation is  performed  on anyone who:

  • suffers from congenital lack of eyebrows
  • wishes to cover scars from accidents or burns
  • shows thinning of eyebrows due to hair removal or chemical peeling or due to age
  • desires to thicken the eyebrows for aesthetic reasons

Therefore, eyebrow  transplantation  is  divided into partial or total restoration. Both men and women of any age can have an eyebrow transplant using the FUE method, as long as the doctor decides that they are suitable candidates. Eyebrow restoration can be done even in cases of alopecia areata that has affected the eyebrows when the damage is localized and stable for a period of more than a year.

What is the procedure for eyebrow transplant with FUE?

Eyebrow transplantation  with the FUE(follicular unit extraction or excision)  method is performed with hair grafts collected from the scalp. The procedure is performed using local anesthesia. The postoperative course is completely smooth and pain free. In some cases, there may be swelling on the forehead in the first few days after the transplantation. The patient returns to normal after a few days. The results are permanent and visible after a few months. The process is quite demanding. It is considered minimally invasive, leaves no scars and is painless. It requires delicate handling, doctor’s specialization and precision in placement, so that the results are aesthetically correct. Careful placement of the hair follicles at the right angle and direction is required, so that the result is completely natural.

How many sessions are required?

Eyebrow transplantation  usually requires one session, while in case the patient wishes, a second session is performed for better possible results of eyebrow thickening or overall eyebrow restoration.

The results of FUE Eyebrow Implantation

The FUE method is completely safe but should be performed by an experienced and specialized doctor. The effect of eyebrow transplantation with the FUE method is permanent and completely natural. The first obvious result is noticeable immediately after the session, while the final result is felt 3 – 6 months later. The FUE method is the most preferred restoration technique, as it is painless, has a short recovery time and leaves no scars.

The cost of eyebrow transplantation  with the FUE method

The cost of eyebrow transplants depends on whether both eyebrows will be operated on, as well as the degree of hair thinning that varies from patient to patient. It also depends on the number of hair grafts required and the area.

At Derma Hair Clinic under the surveillance of Dr. Karalexis you can be sure about the result.

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