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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation at the Derma Hair Clinic in Athens is showing an impressive rise in 2019. Hair transplant requests are elevated and involve hair transplants in both men and women. 100% success rate is guaranteed. This is evidenced by the many cases of hair transplantation from patients both in Greece and abroad.

The head of an average human is composed of 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. You lose about 100 normal hairs every day. However, for most the appearance of hair causes a psychological burden, especially when it gradually decreases in density and volume.

Hair transplantation has now also been referred to as hair implantation.

Dr. Kalelexis is considered to be the best and most experienced specialist in hair transplants in Greece with the FUE and Power FUE techniques.

It is also remarkable that he is among the best and most experienced doctors internationally. This is also reflected in the feedback he receives from his patients. Patients from other countries include Canada, Australia, the USA, the Arab countries, Russia and all the countries of the European Union. It is important to emphasize that in 2017 and 2018 he received a worldwide distinction from the whatclinic organization for the high-quality service of his patients from all over the world.

 All these visitors come to Greece:

  • to enjoy high-quality hair transplantation services
  • for affordable prices
  • to have a 100% successful outcome

Dr. Karalexis has received a high level of education in Greece and the USA. During his 20 years of experience, he has taken over thousands of patients. He is very often seen on TV channels, as he is one of the most reliable Dermatologists in Greece.


What is the new hair transplant style? Why should I prefer this rather than the old hair transplant style?


The old hair transplant style includes single hair cuttings. This carries the risk of implant graft failure, while implantation of grafts with a single hair results with disappointing effect on the patient, in terms of hair thickening, giving an unnatural appearance.

The new hair transplant style, used in the US  refers to the technique of hair follicle microtransplantation.

Through this tactic, hair on the head develops naturally in the form of hair follicles, each containing one, two or three hairs.

Attention to cutting and separating hair follicles during implantation protects the hair and keeps the cuttings.

Hair microtablet micrografting is currently considered the best method of transplantation and is the one that Dr.Karalexis uses.


What You Should Know About Hair Transplantation

Most of the candidates for hair transplantation want immediate and intense hair thickening. However, this may require more than one session depending on the size of the problem.

Placing multiple implants in a single session carries the risk of rejection of some grafts. For this reason, Dr. Karalexis always takes into account the needs and desires of each patient in planning the treatment.

Most often a combination of one, two or three bristles is performed. Smaller and less detectable cuttings are used for the front line, while larger ones are used on the top and back of the head. As a result, over time no one is aware that transplantation has taken place.

What Hair Transplant Techniques Are There?

It is likely that the person interested in hair transplantation is in a dilemma about which hair transplant technique to choose. Some may have been  a victim of misinformation by people in the field of transplantation and end up choosing the wrong method.

Some doctors suggest to the people the combination of two methods to assure them a better result.

Below are the methods of hair transplantation:

1) Stripe technique

Through this method a single thin strip of implants is obtained from the back of the head and is carefully divided into smaller grafts. But often shows scarring.

Alternatively, it is called the FUT method and is described as a new technique. The most experienced doctors internationally do not use this method anymore.


2) Technique of intervention with FUE

Through this tactic one hair (grafting) is removed from the back of the head. Healing is achieved within a few days. It is important that the whole hair follicle is not removed so that the hair can be pulled back to the back of the head so that there is no thinning. This technique requires special craftsmanship by the doctor, as he has to work in the direction of the hair to properly remove the hair follicle. It takes more time and effort to do this.


3) Power FUE or Motorized FUE

It is the most modern method of Hair Transplantation. A much larger number of bristles is achieved than the simple FUE method. It provides a larger number of grafts than the number of bristles collected by the old method that creates a permanent scar (stripe technique). It offers an amazing natural result. This is the technique applied by Dr. Karalexis.


Myths and Truths about Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a demanding method. It is important that it is performed by a specialist, dermatologist or plastic surgeon specialized in the subject. A dermatologist, however, is considered to be more suitable due to a greater knowledge of hair diseases and any other scalp complications if any. Choosing the correct doctor is of the utmost importance for the best outcome.

In the field of hair transplantation, doctors often do not have that specialty or are wanting to get it, which is a crime for such a delicate intervention and at the same time at such a cost. In addition, physicians who are reputed to be competent and appropriate do not do it themselves, but delegate it to others.

Those who use the old transplant style with the cut, denigrate the new FUE method, even the newest Power FUE. In addition, they advertise the old method as better, although they also use the new one. To be more persuasive, they show actors and singer photos, with an abnormal effect.

Many candidates are not considered suitable for transplantation, despite their desire. This is due to poor perfusion in the scalp. This group of candidates should be discouraged from future intervention.


Why do I choose Dr. Keralexis?

  • He Leads in education.
  • Dr. Karalexis is a Military Doctor. He holds a degree in Dermatology from America.
  • He is the Director of the Dermatology Clinic at the Athens Navy Hospital and holds a high level of education in Greece as well as in the USA, the top of implantation and hair transplantation. He has a 20-year clinical experience in skin and hair disorders, as well as over 15 years experience in hair transplantation. Dr. Karalexis is a member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). He is specialized in services in modern dermatology.
  • He participates in lectures on hair transplant techniques at the meetings of the Hellenic Dermatological Society. At the same time, he is constantly participating in conferences to keep up to date.He Applies the most modern hair transplant method, Power FUE. This method is done without a cut, without sutures, without surgery and at an affordable price.
  • In order to give a completely natural result, Dr.Keralexis places the grafts with forceps rather than a Choi Implanter. He is one of the few doctors in hair transplantation in Greece using this methid. This tactic is used in the best US clinics.
  • Among the satisfied patients who trusted him, are actors, scientists, politicians and journalists. Compassion, communication, understanding and interest are what distinguish him from others.

Leadership in education


Dr. Karalexis was trained in the USA where hair transplants began. Being there at the heart of developments, either by taking part in conferences abroad or through bibliography, he has firmly established and trained his team so that the transplants can be prepared and selected without destroying the hair follicles.

Specialization in the FUE technique


Dr. Keralexis was launched in 2002 by the USA using the old Stripe technique. In 2008 he moved on to the FUE technique, and from 2012 he applies the Power FUE technique using a special machine, which was first introduced in America.

Careful attention depends on the survival of the hair follicles and  now reaches up to 100% and the number went up to 2000 hair follicles!

Therefore, you will have the best result with the most natural look without the scar on the back of your head.

Candidates who choose Derma Hair Clinic to do hair transplantation have many benefits as they manage to improve their appearance in an impressive way. Patients are satisfied with the results achieved by the first session. Finally, they always have a specialist and honest doctor next to them!


What is the cost of hair transplantation?

Prices range and are very competitive, with hair transplantation starting at 1500 Euros. The sessions are always done by Dr. Keralexis himself. He then monitors his patients for as long as necessary.

You can contact Dr. Keralexis and arrange a free consultation to explain what is best for you.

Derma Hair Clinic is in the heart of Athens, just 100 meters from the Megaron Music Metro stop.


In which cases hair transplantation is not recommended?

Hair Transplantation with “Shielded” Shapes: In order to accelerate the reprocessing of the grafts, some physicians make cuttings with hair separating them from their hair follicles. Then remove all excess tissue. This can reduce the survival of the grafts and is considered as a harmful and dangerous method.

Cutting Machine: This machine automatically cuts by cutting them very quickly, thus dramatically reducing the process of transplantation. This machine has many blades, and so it is not preferred by doctors, as many grafts are destroyed when separating them. Instead, it’s better to split the cuttings by hand by an experienced doctor

Laser transplantation: This type of transplantation does not provide adequate healing and proper hair follicle growth due to thermal damage to the skin

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