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Laser Hair Removal

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Derma Hair Clinic is the most qualified clinic for removing unwanted facial and body hair.

Radical epilation is performed with a laser based on photothermolysis.

 How is photothermolysis defined?

Photothermolysis disables the hair follicle through the laser beam. So the hair is destroyed without affecting the rest of the skin.

Why not use older epilating methods?

It is known that older depilation methods required longer duration, has greater suffering, are often painful, and also pose a risk of infections such as folliculitis, spider veins, and scars on the skin.

In our Clinic, we have the most sophisticated laser hair removal systems.

The Alexandrite Candela-Pro made in the USA and the Diode laser GME made in Germany. They aim to relieve you even of the most difficult hair growth.

What does laser hair removal predominate?

Laser hair removal has permanent results that are apparent from the very first session. More advantages over older methods are:

Accuracy: Targeting directly to the desired area leaving the rest of the skin and surrounding tissues intact.

Speed: Effective and faster depilation through the latest technology we use.

Compatible for every area of the body: Depending on the type of skin and the point of application, the laser is used and adjusted. In this way, hair loss is achieved.

The results are permanent: During the sessions the hair gradually weakens becomes thinner, sparse and consequently decreases to a large extent.

Value for money: It is considered an economic method as it does not require frequent laser application. Over time and in relation to older methods it costs less.

Who is the best doctor responsible for Laser hair removal?

The scientific director, Dermatologist Dr. Karalexis Apostolos, is the best choice for laser hair removal. The vast experience of the doctor and staff is the main reason for the success of the results and the satisfaction of our clients. We have a long-term expertise in the use of Laser, as evidenced by our countless patients.

Our clinic follows high quality standards. We guarantee you will get the desired result that we will agree on.

Is the result of laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is the only way to definitively eliminate unwanted hair growth. It usually takes 5-8 sessions every 1.5 months. The aim is both the destruction of the hair and the reduction of its growth.

Our clinic guarantees a quality and successful outcome.

What are the Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal does not cause side effects. Because of our trained staff and the CE certification of the laser we use and the process we follow. There may be a possibility of a slight reddening of the skin, which subsides within a short time.

The laser does not produce radioactive radiation.

To avoid mild pain or discomfort it is suggested to use anesthetic cream, especially in the most sensitive areas.

What is considered the most effective Laser for epilation?

The two most effective lasers for epilation are the Alexandrite laser and the Diode  Laser . In order to provide the best possible and quality results for you, we invested in the best Laser of American and German origin.

What should I do before I undergo Laser Hair Removal?

Appropriate preparation involves removal of unwanted hair 2-4 days before the first application of the laser. The next session takes place as soon as hair re-emerges, 1-2 months later.

The duration of each session depends on the extent of each area.

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